Mavado – Cherish My Love Lyrics

Right now
Cherish my love
Unuh better cherish my love
No bother wait till man dead and gone
Unuh come a let go bare white dove

Right now
Cherish my love
While am living unuh cherish my love
Some seh as one gone, one born
But unuh better cherish my love

(Verse 1)
Nuh drop asleep my eyes open wide
Night a come to day mi a si wa dem up to
Even yo likkle gyal pon the side
Shi go f**k another man and a seh shi need love to
When yo die everybody come a cry
But when you was alive there’s nobody to run to
Family nuh waan fi si you pon the front
Fake friend round a back and dem a bun you
Seh you have it and nuh matter if you share
Your name dem still bloodclaat tear down
True yo buss in a the sky like a plane
Dem a hope and a pray yo career done

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
A we seh star wi nuh care weh it reach
Me black mi nuh care who bleach
Ghetto youth wi fi richer than Leechi
Paper wi allot a gyal
Place lock and a we got the key
Tell the bugger dem a me got the beasting
Dem waan si the fall a
Mi a beat dem bad is a real thing
Mi a fulfilled like prophesy
Like Stevie Wonder dem cyaa si mi
Nuh know mi strategy
All mi enemies know mi a prodigy

(Repeat Chorus 2X)