Justine Skye ft Vic Mensa – I’m Yours Lyrics

(Verse 1 – Justine Skye)
I don’t mean to show it on my face, babe
And I don’t mean to wear it on my sleeve
But when we messed around
Suddenly my hearts were found

(Pre-Chorus – Justine Skye)
And now I wanna call you my baby
I wanna be your best friend, yeah
It’s so crazy, amazing
And you know it

(Chorus – Justine Skye)
You know I’m feeling you, and you like it
You like it cause you know I’m yours
You know exactly what to do, and I like it
I like it cause I know I’m yours
I’m yours

(Verse 2 – Justine Skye)
Everybody’s telling me I’ve been changing
Cause I ain’t ever been in love before
But we know what it is
And I believe you’re what I’ve been missing

(Repeat Pre Chorus & Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Vic Mensa)
She like my style, right? But that’s to be expected
But is your mind right? Are you self-reflective?
Can you handle the limelight when you under pressure?
Like 50 said, girl, 21 questions
You’re my Medicaid, prolly make me levitate
What’s up with the head? Ooh not to get ahead of things
Don’t be shy, just back it up on me
Take your time, I like it when you slow me down
I’ve seen so many girls tonight, I do not know what to do now
But tell you you’re mine

(Repeat Chorus)