Versatile – Holiday Start Lyrics

Mi have gyal yah suh
Mi si gyal deh suh
Hennessy pack up pon table a dash weh suh
Mi asked wa a gwaan Frankie?
Him answer suh
Him seh a holiday

The f**king holiday start up
Pretty bike, pretty car mi si park up
And gyal a whine in a short up
Lord mi a tell you straight up seh mi naw cut

Hennessy in a mi pimp cup
Snow plenty and some a drink nuff
And after the club done you get
Drinkers a straight pon the beach wi deh link up

(Verse 1)
Mi invite one a mi best baby
Belly flat, breast deh, deh
High grade provide medz fi mi
Live fi today wi nuh care bout yesterday

Everybody have dem own life
Suh nuh matter wa you tell mi seh
Si two gyal waan tek mi weh
Party hot and a nuh hell mi deh

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Yeah, mi seh the Henny dem a shell weh
Mi haffi draw fi a water
To how mi feel fross now
Mi seh nuh call mi no carva
And mi seh big up every DJ
Now wi a big up every dancer
Ding Dong and Desha
Shelly Belly and Creature
All Adji dem a dance to da part yah

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Camera flash gyal a pose fi the film again
Pretty clothe gyal a show seh dem in a dem
Mi si gyal pon the beach dem a wine to the beat
And a let out the ghost weh deh in a dem
Pocket full a cash when wi a spend
Wi nuh hold back everything a spend
Way up like the rims pon Poppy Beemer dem
Stay up Chi Ching yo win again

(Repeat Chorus 2X)