Turk – You Mad Yet (Remix) Feat. Lil Wayne Lyrics

(Chorus – Lil Wayne)
You mad? too bad
I’m with a bad bi**h with a new ass
I’m hot as Summers, you can ask Susan
I been have bands and…ride through…muthaf**ka
You mad? Cause you last
My bi**h pu**y feel like new land
Two Xans, a few grams
I’m getting some money, spend it on some new rims, you mad?

(Verse 1 – Turk)
Hot boy Turk f**king with hot boy Tunechi
Free my ni**a Jeezy, beaches and a doobie
Word on the street and the pen, I’m a nuisance
Shoot a ni**a sober while he under the influence
Hey, you ni**a’s mad, cuz I bubble like Jacuzzi
I do not recall of the judge wanna accuse me
Red, cuz I’m passing past you ni**a’s like excuse me
Got a bi**h ni**a turning red, call him a ruby
Yeah, I’m back in this muthaf**ka
Young T get sauce leaking in this muthaf**ka
Leave a ni**a reaking in a muthaf**ka
Back like some…. peeping in this muthaf**ka
They mad cuz I ain’t doing mad
Hot boy don’t want no problem, I just want my cash
But if you wanna go to war, I got my solider rag
Mad cuz I’m solid and you ni**a’s plaid
Caitlyn Jenner, man, these ni**a’s changing faces
Take em to school and I’m stunting on the whole class
My bi**h get mad at me every time I cum fast
I say that what she get for tryna come last
Then eat the pu**y like a Kit Kat
Playing with my money, get your kid napped
On the road doing shows if ya look for me
These ni**a’s hate me, they just mad cuz they bi**hes love me

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Lil Wayne)
You mad ass crack, chubby ass blunt
They love me hands up, I’m wealthy and handsome
Got a pop star cuttie with a popcorn booty and she star in movies
I’m that hot boy Tunechi, I’m a martian
Martian, haters make me nauseous
I’m in this bi**h with Turk, we yelling, free Christopher Dorsey
My ni**a’s move weight like Kelly Clarkson, they awesome
Never let the feds get close like a scorpion
B**ches taking portraits, why they in my fortress?
Now wifey getting mad, I’m like ma, they not important
Ni**a’s getting mad looking like they smelling horse s**t
But they never start s**t, that’s some cleaver-smart s**t
Dirty money washing, counting till exhausting
Weed soo fire, it gotta be arson
Roaches in the ash tray, they probably need arcon
Ni**a’s say check me, he lied and he forged it
Martian, martian around the world like orbit
I’m looking for a bi**h to get on it like Marvin
She said it’s gonna cost me, I told her bi**h get off me
Her stripper name diamonds, her real name
These ni**a’s minor, me I’m just hierarchy
Shoot the whole car up, and still don’t hit the car seat
You dead yet? You mad yet?
Beat a pu**y ni**a up and now my hands wet

(Repeat Chorus)