Kalado – We Meet Yesterday Lyrics

And she say, and she say
Did we meet yesterday

She say, she say
Did we meet yesterday

No bwoy nuh hot than mi
Wid a swag ambi, nuff bwoy a patton mi

And she say, she say
Did we meet yesterday

(Verse 1)
Done tell you mi not norm
If you gyal nuh move then that gone
Some tell mi fi stop gwaan
Shift, mi thing move deh a top form
Neat and simple, shi like weh mi in a
Fi me gyal a tremble right a yo Beemer
A nuh atom and gyal a fight fi da spring yah
If mi leave mi self careless, tonight mi a dem dinner

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi nuh bruk red light
Mi well good
Suh mi tek her to heaven wid eleven
And wi hug up and a rub up
Smell good
Shi seh mi clean and sexy
She waan test mi
Mi know mi nuh trim and gyal a crazy fi si mi
When si mi her mind a go crazy fi gimmi
Put money pon the supn and a save wid hi fi mi
And a that develop dem dutty badmind

(Repeat Chorus 2X)