Mavado – My League Lyrics

Dem nuh in a my league
Nuh in a my league
Dem a hype wid a likkle bit a money and weed
Nuh reach no weh
And a seh dem a lead

Not in a my league
Nuh in a my league
Dem too slow dem a invilead
Man full a step like a centipede
Nuh in a my league

(Verse 1)
First thing gi Jah thanks fi the most things
Security higher mi guard
Look paw mi house a mi yard
And mi one dozen pit bull dog
This industry must be mi gyal
Caw mi f**king this industry hard
Nuff a chat and dem a hype and suss
Dem naw live better than dog
Mi bank account gone psycho
Five hundred milli pon the house title
You nuh si yo slow life is a cycle
You nuh si mi fast ten times nitro
Mi a dweet like Nike
Tell dem drop asleep like night
Lord Jesus Christ
Naw sell out the gully fi nuh peas and rice

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
A fi mi school
A the time fi devotion
Dem soft like lotion
Dem a meck scaps wi a meck potion
Yes ammo turn river in a ocean
Zoom high a the cloud him a float pon
First class to the world mi nuh coach man
From Town to Mobay have the most don
Buss out the kyle is a real money motion

(Repeat Chorus 2X)