Lil Wayne – Glory Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Woo, this that s**t they didn’t want me on
I’m bout to act a badonkadonk, shamone, shamone
Don’t need sugar, I need cream, I’m dark and strong
The garbage man putting on cologne around my room
I’m on, I’m on, this that s**t they didn’t want
I act a ass and s**t a skunk, I will, I won’t
Black your eye like will I am, you Willy Wonka
That’s me in the Lam, I’m disappearing like Jimmy Hoffa
AK-47 my business partner, business is swell
French kiss a bi**h, she don’t speak French, can’t kiss and tell
I push his ass in the wishing well, then wish him well
Sipping syrup like ginger ale, but I’m the quickest snail
From here to Hell, I hear them hail, I give them hell
I’m spitting hail, I’m Clinton, well, I did inhale
These ni**a’s frail, they Chip and Dale, they little girls
Watch me act a donkey, then pin a tail, spit out your nails
Uh, glory, hallelujah
Holy sh*t, I’m the holy s**t, I’m God’s manure
I know how to hack a jeweller ward and not computers
I meditate like a Buddhist, Holy ramen noodles
And now you sleep, I’m inside your room wit a lot of shooters
You wake up to this chopper tool, it’s like, C**k a doodle
I’m awkward, cuckoo, I turn your Froot Loop to chocolate Yoo-Hoo
I’m hotter than Honolulu, glory unto you, glory

(Verse 2)
I’m awkward, cuckoo, I turn your Froot Loop to chocolate Yoohoo
I’m hotter than Honolulu, my clothes and socks and shoes new
I been a boo-boo since ga, ga, goo, goo and Dada, FUBU
Make everybody that knew you boo-boo, I got them spooked too
I drive a neutral, shock the future like Dr. Luther
I’m not accuser, your mom a cougar, I sock it to her
My cocaine white as a white beluga, I like bazookas
I’m high as lunar, I’m wilder than Tyga’s Nikes, Pumas
Woo, this that s**t you didn’t want me on
My weed louder than underarms and car alarms
Cheers, I said, surprise, but couldn’t party long
I got to get back to the grind and the drawing board
But all this f**king art destroyed, this the art of war
These ni**a’s soft as teddy bears, talk to Marky Mark
I wet your block, leave it a waterpark, broad or dark
I whip the work like tartar sauce, you want it hard or raw, huh?

(Verse 3)
Uh, glory, hallelujah
Holy s**t, I’m the s**t, Porta Potty Tunechi
Unload the Glock profusely, I’m soaring out confusion
Your motor mouth keep vrooming, I’m going Tony Stewart
I’m on the fluid, I’m ruined, I’m cold as Boston Bruins
Lost in the shoo, shoo and who’s who and I lost influence
Lost my point of view til I find a mirror, start talking to it
It told me the truth, it said I’m the sh*t and you party pooping
Lord, oh, Lord

(Verse 4)
Am I talking crazy, too much coffee maybe
I smell like money, I know broke ni**a’s feel nauseated
The broads elated, my boys are faded, my car’s the latest
My bars the greatest, they rated X like Marvel made it
She caught the babies, she barfed the babies, they orphans maybe
We got that white girl like in the 80s, that Marcia Brady
I d*cked Tracy like Warren Beatty, I’m warm as Haiti
I’m armed and lazy, I’m spraying until my arms is lazy
Pardon my mental, I’m higher than Continental
Went from flying c**kroaches to flying without credentials
That’s private, tell the pilot, be quiet, we need our privacy
Throw you off this bi**h if you wired, justifiably
Hustle wit a motive, you know this, I’m wit my whoadies
No snakes, no rodents, no ad-libs, no chorus
No stress, no worries, took you to a respiratory
It’s self explanatory, the glory is mandatory, glory

(Verse 5)
Uh, glory, hallelujah
Holy s**t, I can’t hold this s**t, my bowel’s looser
My towel’s newer, my powder room is for powder users
You see rolled up dollar bills filled wit snot and mucus
My tie is Lucas, my driver’s cruising, my partner’s ruthless
My flower’s rootless, my pocket’s roofless, she popping roofies
I’m not a student, I’m not assuming I’m not a human
You are not immune to this kind of music, you got em, Tunechi
You got em, Tunechi, I got em