Alkaline – Up Lyrics

Right now me up, she up
Anything weh mi buy you can to
Mi a drive out, shi a drive out to
If mi fi fly out, shi can fly out to

Cause me up, she up
Nothing like when you and yo girl turned up
If you si the wallet, you a go si the purse to
Fi mi girlfriend better than yours

(Verse 1)
Mi vendetta gyal daddy proud a you
Yo Benz key a supn fi member you
All the hustling weh wi gwaan wid
All the cards weh you burst and you never yet borrow
Wi lifestyle have the two a wi suh sparrow
Mi might dead, you might go jail tomorrow
But anything happen to wi baby
Wi cyaa seh wi never live the life

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Tomorrow meck wi go down a south beach
Rent a house and a yacht your treat
F**k it mi nuh care my treat
Mi in a gucci, you in a g-sebby
Me love you love vanity
Wi f**king on versace sheets
No have no time fi count to the sink
Cause wi too busy counting money

(Repeat Chorus)