Lil Jon – Cutie Pie feat. T-Pain, Problem and Snoop Dogg Lyrics

(Chorus – T-Pain)
Cutie pie, you the reason why
Toe to floor, don’t go through the door
Cutie pie, look me in my eyes
Get on the floor, baby you just not another one
Open wide one it feels soo good

(Verse 1 – Lil Jon)
Baby if you just stay out the hood with the ghetto cut
To your face and a fat old
Got a lot of money but she love to f**k
Guess she can’t wait for a dog to come
She don’t pose much, got me confused
She got with a winner y’all chose, to lose
Really great, big bottle of booze
Rolling up, sipping Bud Light brews
I guess she look good with the tights on
And she love the denim, with the lights on
And she love the denim, with the lights on
With the lights on

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Problem)
Hop up in the car with a winner, I ain’t ate and you looking like dinner
Them legs let me kiss to the center, lay in the center
Pose in the middle like center no pics no message
Just grams all up in the king size, Zig Zag hit this get a drig drag baby
Driving me crazy watch me zig zag baby, just trying to hit something
You and me to the trap, I gotta get something
She lead the real back cause, he been fronting
I told her 31st was that pop
Drunk and the reals up yelling diamond while she bails up

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Snoop Dogg)
Yo K, bee boo bopping party
I guess you would say I’m Dr. Bombay
Trying to find some peace of mind
What spots my eye, a cutie pie
My time is yours if you want it
We can get loose, get right, or get blunted
We’ll be kicking it, digging it, body on make me soo ignorant
I wanna ball with you, but I’ll have you back home by tomorrow boo
Eloquent, delicate, you the subject, I’m your predicate
Bet it is, set it is, I wanna see how I please you
Freak by nature, do what I did to amaze you
Phoneless, domeless, glacier
Non-argumentative, you looking at the Dogg so I know I’mma get it
Time over video, rhyme with a skill, on time what a deal
I’m smoking up some, just me and my cutie pie
This is the melody, one way one day let it be, just you and me
Cutie pie

(Repeat Chorus)

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