Jayds Ft Onton – Since Yuh Bad Lyrics

Bombohole, since you bad and you sick in a yo head
Try run up pon bloodclaat we
Pu**y, since you bad and yo love talk tough
Come chat to mi mack 90

Bombohole, since yo bad nuh bother call God
Nuh bother pray to the almighty
No bwoy cyaa gi the one voice pree
Violate Jayds then a RIP

(Verse 1)
Fill Don wid the big glock, meck blood a drip drop
All if yo grill lock mi pick lock
Yo si that, war nuh pretty like no gift wrap
Shot in a yo belly meck you walk like handicap
Mother deh a church shi get blind fool and kidnap
Daddy deh a work him a run when the thing clap
Intro, gun buss, window everything crack
Me and mi gun married like a gyal in a wedding frock

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
AK nozzle ignite
Bright like a big light
Hot gyal weh him like
Trick him in a the big night
Shi f**k him, shi s**k him
And then buss him windpipe
Mi kick off the door and kill everything weh insight
Barrel the spin type, it change him skin type
Which is right, him fraught like acid weh in sprite
Meck yo death re-wright
Anyweh you si 4th generation Onton seh

(Repeat Chorus)