Versatile – F**k She waah Lyrics

This gyal naw pretend none at all
A f shi a defend
Shi no waan no friend none at all
A f shi a defend

(Verse 1)
This gyal si mi and a follow mi go anyweh mi go
Shi waan gi me the punanny
And if mi f are tonight shi want it tomorrow
Shi cyaa get over mi body
Mi meck juice a run like tsunami
As shi si mi shi get horny
Mi come from Trelany but mi give are the Charly

Shi get wild when shi si how mi smile
Seh fi the f shi would a fling out the kyle
So mi gi are in a real doggy style
Shi seh the road carve and yo real versatile
Bring are far meck shi tek on the mile
Wuk are hard meck shi sweat off the oil
Them f88k yah shi no get all the while
Juice run till it wet all the tile
River Nile

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Shi waan f in a the morning
F**k in a the evening
F**k pon the ground
F**k in a the sealing
Shi no care just f shi believe in
Stop are breath shi not breathing

So mi in deh, and mi in deh
Shi seh bwoy no come out stay in deh
Shi a bwal and a scream and a sing seh
Versi mi love how yo handle da thing deh

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Verse 3)
Shi did a ask how a biddy weh shi get
THe next day shi come like shi never get it yet
Shi get the buddy and shi never regret
Seh this better than any buddy weh shi tek
1 a no 2 a no 3 a no 4
Shi get it 5 time and still waan more
Now everyday shi a knock paw mi door
Wi f pon the bed then wi go pon the floor
Shi seh versi yo very hardcore
A wa mi a go do when yuh gone paw tour
No lazy shi know seh mi naw stone
C**key weh mi gi are galour

(Repeat Chorus)