Fabolous – Told Y’all (Freestyle) Lyrics

Told y’all, would you believe?

(Verse 1)
I’m the type to take your chick, the one of the
Have her at the crib watching Money and Violence, bruh
Shorty come to me cause I’m the one with the guidance, but
Bang her on the low like a gun with a silencer
Swag champ back, you just one of the challengers
Day you beat me ain’t on none of these calendars
You throwing shots, but you’re a little under my caliber
We play with heavy metal, boy, I run with Metallica
Skating through the city like I’m one of the Islanders
You fly like this, they got to wonder who’s styling you
The road money don’t have me in New York too much
But I got the shut up money if you talk too much
Listen, if you talking about that man fur
You gotta get money like that man first
Whoever say the most hit that man first
Put his front in the back like a fat transfer
Like how these girls turn a gut into a butt
And be a bad bi**h when they nothing but a mutt
My shottas want it all, know nothing about a cut
You ni**a’s talking about, take the what? And leave the what?
Yup, I’ve won everything, valet life, I’m upfront with everything
You don’t like it, more your problem than mine
Let’s turn up and see if yours got more volume than mine
Yeah, I know hate, selling sour 98
Back then I did good, right now I’m doinG great
Like 50 and Taraji, how do we relate?
TryinG to build an empire, ni**a’s in power want to hate
Woah, what, you mad cause I’m f**kinG your bird?
You know I put it in my waist like I’m tucking a shirt
Like, F**k is you doing? A-Town voice
When I see your ass, tre pound voice
Bought the Ghost on Christmas, play round toy
And it’s chinchilla weather, ni**a, we outside
What you know about gifts that got to be outside?
It’s too big, put it under the tree outside
Woah, now picture me selling sniff, selling piff
Back then my block did numbers like Taylor Swift
Yeah, Fab Sport, what? Funeral, who?
Loso, huh? Young O.G. gone

Look at me, look at me
I am the captain now, ha ha ha ha
F*** is y’all ni**a’s talking about, boy? Huh
You only talking like that cause you don’t respect your jaw
Brooklyn forever, told y’all