Deablo – Nuh Bad Up Lyrics

(Verse 1)
You ever hear seh no bwoy dis wi an fist wi
And kick wi like pickney
Slickly the 50 a kick up like Kristy
Stay Town no play town no bwoy cyaa evict mi
Dis mi cyaa stay out yo done check mi history
Violate quickly like ripples turn mystery
Don’t try gimmi tough talk as the Cristy
Browning a sing sing Like Whitney and Britney
Endz weh them chill pon get circle like frisby

Wi no tek chat, no bad up bruk weh
No bad up
Spain Town, no bad up
Home sted, no bad up
Mi a the governor, so everything govern up
And when wi step wi no fraid, wi no coward up
Big fit, no bad up, Maxxfield, no bad up
Big yard, no bad up, 12 lane, no bad up
Seh them bad, them harmless than a rubber duck
Wi no tek drape up, no grab up

(Verse 2)
Anyweh wi step wi step it militant
Wi a run the road like a mini van
In a full camouflage, chameleon
Big ship a march out like a Gideon
Yow Steven, when yo si Diddy Don
Yo si him wid the new brand supn wid the pan
Born bad like badness a wi religion
In a mi face a bwoy never yet swing him hand

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)