Christopher Martin – Sweet Sweet Love Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Girl take a minute
And catch you breath
And I’ll take that minute to wipe my sweat
It’s only the beginning
We ain’t half way yet
If you think that you can handle me
Place your bet

You gonna lose
And all your treasure will be mine for sure
My loves a cruse to a place you never been before
The prize is satisfaction guarantee
When you choose to give yourself to me

I do love to
Make sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet love to you

I do love to baby
Make sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet love to you

(Verse 2)
Girl am a candle
And your my flame
And if your in trouble
Ill take the blame
If loving you si wrong
I’ll be the shame
Since I’ve had you girl
I’ve not been the same
I cant lose
All this treasure will stay mine for sure
Your love’s a cruse
And I choose to give myself to you

(Repeat Chorus)