Chino – Mek Mi Teach Yuh Lyrics

Me done know seh yo have yo man
Me understand yo condition
You a pree mi, so listen up keenly
Gyal yo cyaa go wrong instruction

(Verse 1)
First thing, code up mi name
So when mi call yo Jodie mi name
No discuss mi round none a yo friend dem
No bate up, no bother loud up mi name
Hey mi naw tell yo fi go start drama
No bother fret, no bother watch karma
So careful when you a greet mi, meet mi in a waan dark corner

Come meck mi teach yo fi geet weh, gett weh
Geet weh, gyal from yo man come theft weh, theft weh
Bring it come give mi

Meck mi teach yo fi geet weh, geet weh
Geet weh, gyal from yo man come theft weh, theft weh
Bring it come give mi

(Verse 2)
Gyal mi know yuh a think bout mi
Right now no bother think bout hi
And if mi name pop up round you
And yo man chat bare bad things bout mi
Hey and if him pick up nothing suspicious
And feel seh there’s nothing up with us
No feel no way just member you a wicked
And me just wish us

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
When wi roll out, this greet root never tek seh come in
Learn this and you will never fret again
Nobody no haffi know bout me and you
From long time a that mi did a try fi tell Alaine
You have a visa, meck wi tek a plane
Come meck wi leave yah, hi bisa, Spain
Chino, mister rough it up, never get a better name

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 4)
My girl tek yo mind off a anyweh weh fancy
Wi cyaa go no weh nobody can si
No Hilton, Pegasus, Teranova
Mi know couple places weh have vacancy
Mi know couple a dem up a Transrick
Man haffi skill like mi name anancy
Out a public reach so wi cyaa go no beach
No weh fi meck yo man si

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 5)
My giel, look how yo pretty
Skin chrome, no use mi song dem as yo ring tone
Member most man out there
Have a intimidate by artist syn drum
Look how you have yo bwoyfriend
And yo naw spend no time wid him
Chino master the art of Joe grineism

(Repeat Chorus)