Darrio – Mi Own Gun Lyrics

You think a you alone have one a that a fire
The owner fi the dan him soon take it from you
But mi a buss mi own gun
The road and the stay home gun
So anytime yo si mi please seh a prayer

Because me buss mi own a gun
No bwoy no haffi lend mi none
Cyaa call mi phone bout fi bring it come
From the clip, to the nozzle, to the shot dem
Me visit the gun shop dem

And buy mi own a gun
So yo no haffi lend mi none
Cyaa call mi phone bout fi bring it come
Before you meck mi run up and down
Mi stock up wid rifle and hand gun

(Verse 1)
Mi know weh shot sell
Mi know weh clip buy
Have mi own a things a the law mi live by
Mi no dis people fi fun
And mi no model wi gun
Worst if a never supn weh me buy
Bwoy seh him a bad man
The place him a lock off
As yo meck a talk the 4 15 pop off
Lay wait him when him ready fi go lock off
As him leave the dads and drop off
Mi buck him and pop off

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Alright, mi have the thing weh block
Have the thing weh chrome
Have the one inna mi waist and couple still deh home
Cause gone r the days when man a draw fi stone
Inna this yah war zone you haffi hold yo own
Fool a that you a buss
A no nothing that
Deh thing yah weh mi buss wi turn yo inna duppy bat
When shoot out start and yo run out a shot
A yo dan gate you haffi go knock

(Repeat Chorus)