Ryme Minista Ft. TeeJay – Fi Di Summer Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Step out in a mi black and gold di sepi
It nuh deh pon di market
Dem a wonder weh mi get hi
Italian design a nuh chinese meck hi
Dem a pree and watch mi things dem
Suh mi know dem wi try tek hi
Cyaa get hi

Step out in a mi Jordan, Nike, Classic
Mi have it in a black and in a white
Wallabees fit mi neat and nice
My size it ready naw squeeze on tight
Clarks and Timberland mi beat dem bad
Oh God..inna color and mi have it in a plad
Tell you bout Gucci, Versace, Lui V
Caw the red bottom shoes dem mad

Every color, a that a beat fi di summer
Dragtop Benz mi nuh want hi fi cover
A that a beat fi the summer
If you think a lie ask Triller and Stunner
A that a beat fi the summer
Mi nuh care who waan she mi have a itty lover
A that a beat fi the summer
Beat fi the summer

(Verse 2)
Jump in a the Jaguarr ready lets drive
Con she Lamborghini mi tek a test drive
S class Benz, X6, X5
Iphone 6, Samsung S5
Represent yo self from a your clothe yo in a
Nuh run down hype when a simmer you fi simmer
Could a be a puma K-Swiss or Fila
Every ghetto youth is a winner

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)