Charly Black – Jamaican Everyday Lyrics

Am a Jamaican
I am a Jamaican
Rule Jamaican
I am a Jamaican
Man a yardie
Black, gold and green
Amaney exchange white V neck a that a weh mi got on
Unuh in a versace, then no must Luise Vuitton
Mi never ever dutty because a no suh mi born
Every gyal love how mi gwaan

Mi ever clean and out
Everyday, everyday, everyday
High grade in a mouth
Everyday, everyday, everyday
Mi just buy a cons neat, dem neat pon mi feat
Look yo seet, that a dweet
Gyal a steer and a pzz
Drinking Guinness and Hennessy
Everyday, everyday

(Verse 1)
Fi dress up is apart a wi culture
Everybody trash
Roll up mi pants foot and pon mi head mi lean mi hat
Gucci shades deh paw mi face
Because Jamaica sun hot
Dancehall Reggae music a we that
Everybody love wi vibes and the accent how wi chat
But mi a Stevy Wonder mi no si nothing fi chat
Mi no throw stone behind mi a no, no, me that
Cause when mi go a foreign barrel haffi come back

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Clean, clean, clean
Then a suh yardie roll
Everyweh wi go wi have things under control
All when mi no have no money in a mi bull ford
Mi score gyal easy like puff score goad
Gyal dem seh mi colder than how Canada cold
Mi wi tek yah suh mi daring and bold
Gyal back it up and gimmi like mi deh pon parole
A we seh csh fi gold

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)

(Repeat Chorus)