Masicka – Tun Up Louder Lyrics

It feel like the sound turn up louder
Sky mi deh, look you nuh si dem cloud yah?
Weh you get da wine deh
Wicked like obeah
Mi spend paw you fi you spend the night over

Feel like the sound turn up louder
Bare hot gyal and gangsta in a da crowd yah
Wi soon dead, whole a wi a get older
Pu**y mi a look hi nuh
Mi naw try own you

(Verse 1)
Look deh, every gyal a run come
Gyal you body hot like the sun a come down
Wa you seh yo man a stress you?
Him a dumb, dumb
Bring you a mi yard fi go have some fun
Mi nuh fross yet, look deh the rum done
You alone forward baby how come?
When you drop yo batty boom
You meck the ground run
General a talk gi you the young gun

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Jesus Christ what a party nice mi naw left
Just get a pretty black gyal weh mi waan next
Da pretty browning deh in a the short dress
And all dem a bubble none a dem cyaa test
Seh mi wife a mi yard just send a small text
Shi miss mi, shi haffi bloodclaat vex
Mi must f**k you tonight mi naw rest
Suh mi deh in her skin like pest

(Repeat Chorus 2X)