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Ishawna And Joe Bogdanovich Getting It In Photo Goes Viral After Wife Death

What better way to mourn the death of your wife than to have Ishawna bounce her ass-ets on you on stage.

Ishawna and her boss Joe Bogdanovich has refueled rumors that they are an item after the above photo went viral on social media last weekend.

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The Downsound Records head is mourning the death of his wife, Toya, who passed away in Miami last week from her long battle with diabetes. Toya and Joe also shared a son who is six years old.

Toya and Joe Bogdanovich

But that didn’t stopped Bogdanovich from getting a piece of Ishawna during her raunchy performance at Blitz Party in Miami last Saturday.

Joe Bogdanvich was also caught up in the Foota Hype and Ishawna love square along with Skatta Burrell.


  1. What I love is everyone is focusing on her being a ho and there are no comments about the male scumbag.


  3. Let him enjoy his newly single life, can’t morn forever.

  4. How much money she has to maintain her music career . Joe have the ????????????

  5. Ishawna is a ho and we all saw that from last year.

    • Ishawna should’ve waited for carnival to whine pon the c*ky…

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      • You can’t but I didn’t say not to enjoy yourself no strings.

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      • Is referring to someone as a ho today’s version of the scarlet letter? Why would they care? When you say”mature” you mean having mechanical sex with a woman and her not become emotionally attached to you. Would you zzz with someone that was/is an ex sex worker. (that to me is where that word is usually assigned. If a chick cheats on you because you weren’t doing your job…she’s hardly a ho.(IMO)

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      • I would’ve known, these days you can’t just be with someone and not know their history from family or friends. She carried herself well enough to mask it, but kept it real with me due to my approach ;)

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