Assassin (Agent Sasco) – No Gangsta Lyrics

Respect due anywhere wi walk
No bwoy cyaa gi wi nuh talk
But am no gangsta, gangsta, gangsta, yeah!

In a mi white-T’s and mi jeans cut off
Mi a bwoy love wear mi desert clarks
But am no gangsta, gangsta, gangsta

(Verse 1)
Mi naw seh mi wicked, mi nuh fool neither
Never tek no bully in a school neither
The last likkle fool step to mi wid a screw face
Mi move to him wid a screw driver
But mi nuh gangsta, wi nuh punk, wi nuh bate
Never tek a kick up, or a box, or a drape
Wi nuh fool out a street suh who a look beef
Better don’t meck no mistake

(Pre Chorus)
Dem fi know seh no bwoy cyaa dis
But you naw go si mi pon no wanted list
Cause am no gangsta, gangsta, gangsta, yeah!

And if dem try test dem get clap
Remember the whole a my friend dem strap
But am no gangsta, gangsta, gangsta

(Verse 2)
Am no killer but you better don’t push
Better try know the berita wont tush
A look fi a page but you get a whole book
Caw none a my dawg dem nuh carry no puss

And wi nuh trouble maker
And wi naw seh wi run no acre
Mi seh not a youth from Jamaica
But mi naw tek no thump in a da face yah

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Pre Chorus)

I don’t have to be Carleony
Keep it real yo cyaa call mi foney
Round my way everybody know mi
Dem know seh mi no fool and no bwoy cyaa clown mi
And a same way mi father show mi
Member seh that the whole a Waltom grow mi
Yeah Kentire, Down Kert
Wi never born a Stoney

(Repeat Chorus)