Rich Homie Quan Ft. Offset – Trap House Lyrics

(Chorus – Rich Homie Quan)
Pistol on me, they say I shot him
Blood on the floor, shout out to the red bottoms
My car got that dope, surveillance camera be watching
Every move you ni**a’s make
That’s why that trap house keep ’em shottas
I say that trap house do number everyday
I say that trap house do number everyday
I say that trap house do number everyday
I say that trap house do number everyday

(Verse 1 – Offset)
Trap house doin’ numbers, baking soda formulas
Gotta keep hammer that for my armor
I heard you f*** ni**a’s out here snitching you are informing
Trap house full of bricks, my couch Louis V garments
Your bi**h say that I’m charming that’s cuz of all these charms
Saddam, I got bombs, got more green than a farm
There go Quan checking and telling me…smelling like oranges
Money bigger than enormous, groupie bi**hes still ignore us
G5 still tour, y’all ni**a’s ain’t important
Money in my hand like ointment, just pair of Jordans
You ni**a’s wanna be Rich Homies, but do not have enough money
Leopard I’m dress like Jumanji, shoping in

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Rich Homie Quan)
Trap house have em stupid prices
I don’t know what you want, I’mma let you decide it
Ni**a they can come on they own, they ain’t gotta be invited
Cuz they the main a reason why a ni**a on
They call me your highness, and they ain’t gotta do that
They treat me different that’s definition of a real ni**a who getting it
I got extra bi**hes no special bi**hes, can’t show these hoes no attention
Back on your bi**h start feeling herself, worrying bout me, she killing herself
Telling your friends you ain’t needing no help, but every time I your hand out for the
You crazy gotta give that back and a baby
Your girl with the swag cooking drugs so pure like the 80s
Box still going crazy, hotbox I’m pulling out daily
Even though I made it, still walk around with that

(Repeat Chorus)