Kehlani – Yet Lyrics

Look I ain’t did s**t to you yet
I ain’t even s**t on you yet
You ain’t my enemy yet
But you ain’t a friend to me yet
Don’t recognize you
You ain’t a friend to me yet
Don’t recognize you
You ain’t a friend to me yet

(Verse 1)
Now I see the fear and the threats
I see that it’s hard to connect
I see ni**a’s calling the rain but the first to complain when they sneakers get wet
I see that I’m on some new s**t
I see that it’s something you hate
But what is not growing is dead
If you can’t understand get the f**k out my face

You want something from me that I’m just not offering
You wanna roll but you just not down for
You got potential, you got that, got that
You gotta ride the wave, stop acting like that

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
I can go on about days, days when I did it alone
Had to go from couch to couch
Now I am sipping on thrones
Time when my pockets was
Times when I just didn’t eat
Times when my stomach was growling, my best friend and I went to sing on the street
I made a few dollars that day
I made 40 dollars the next
Now I hit the banks and I send all my aunties a deposit, a check
Now I’m hitting it on the road
They talking about I’m bout to blow
I use to get paid to hang up all the posters
But now I am packing the show

(Repeat Chorus)