Rich Homie Quan Family Ft. Yung Booke Lyrics

(Verse 1 – Rich Homie Quan)
Don’t mean nothing ni**a, I ain’t never had sh**
Ain’t never had a ni**a for nothing
Pulled up on your bi**h, she wouldn’t wanna f**k
So I pulled out cause she was bluffing
I ain’t with that s**t, got too much gashes up in my neck
I be up on
Started out with the onion, I swear
Pull up on your bi**h with the hummer
Pull up on your bi**h, no corner
And I ain’t even really wanna f**k her, yeah, nah I’m lying
12 get behind me on a high speed chase
You already know a young ni**a flying
Horse power, horse power, here I came charging, man
I don’t know what I do without my family, I swear
I don’t know what I do without my ni**a, boy, I swear
I don’t know what I do without this money, boy, I swear
But I ain’t going broke no more, I swear
Got a bank roll, don’t chase hoes, too many fishes in that sea
Spent 3 billion, change clothes, bang on the block yeah, money
I don’t know what I’mma die for, but I swear to god
I’m making lanes for myself, and assume everything
Believe in me like I believe in you, Lil Mama
She kindly like me, cuz I hit her with that thunder
Stayed down so long I had no choice but to come up
Shout out to Future, every time I’m in the club
I f**k up commas, commas, commas, commas
I’m a motherf**ker, I hit your mama, mama, mama, mama
Run up on me, boy, it’s gonna be trauma, trauma, trauma, trauma
YB tell that ni**a that I’ll put a

(Verse 2 – Yung Booke)
On the Rich Homie, hell nah, you ain’t one of my ni**a’s
One shine, we all shine, diamond blind, every time the light hit it
Road to riches, die to get it
Swiping bi**hes, they ain’t getting no realer
Get paid, keep it real, f**k with the ni**a’s who was broke with you
I bought a new collar ni**a… In that just what I did
No new ni**a’s in my crew, been rocking since we were kids
You ain’t need no shovel to dig
What the f**k comes? Top, I’mma grind more weed
And don’t give no f**k, do it for your family
Know what they say, f**k what the critic think
Do it for ’em, do it for your f**king family
F*** all the hoes, I say f**k all the money
When it come to the end, ain’t nobody gonna be there but who?
I say your family
I said your family