Wiz Khalifa x Curren$y – Weed Nap Lyrics

(Verse 1 – Wiz Khalifa)
It’s nothing fresher, they under pressure
Take your bi**h and undress her
Go ahead and kill yourself
F**k ni**a’s, they’ll be one less
More weed, less stress
Make a grocery store runs, in some old bape and ape sweats
Separate the bookies from vets
Out in the bay, where they blowing coquis
Shout to Mr
The revolution will be televised and I’ll be hella high
The same jealous ni**a’s will be jealous
Clip they wings, smash their propellers
Can’t add to it, can’t take from us
She at my spot fixing plates
That’s why I f**ks with her
I got a crib in every state
Tommy living ni**a get cake
F**k is wrong with your posture little ni**a? Sit straight
No other choice, but to keep it real
These ni**a’s soo fake
You can still smear the paint

I got your b***h on my arm
Got the team on my back
Got the world on my lap
Got that P on my hat
Ni**a’s sleeping on me and I like it like that
I done made a couple bands I did that while you napped
Still the same ni**a
Sh** ain’t changed still wake and bake
Still got your bi**h with us
Still Pac, ay still hit the dealer
Paint no limit to this s**t like P. Miller

(Verse 2 – Curren$y)
Mission never changed, stay all after the same
Jet life Taylor Gang rectify the game
From the 4, the big dog came rolling joints with his paws
Wearing pinky rings
Since he swang through things ain’t been the same
Kinda close though, copping cats on my coats, yo
Can’t duplicate the dope flow though they’re tried
That sh** too stepped on ni**a, to get the people high
It’s that strope light, that 1975, Cadillac that
Baby girl doing soul train lines
Never hate it, though I flow out my mind
Pockets breaded like they finna be deep fried
Out his head, dis a 100 times
S**kas still sleep on me, laying in the lot, fool, let ’em be
Probably dead dead in that bed, let ’em rest in peace
Smoke another P, kill some more beats

(Repeat Chorus)