Charly Black – No Man Lyrics

No man cyaa mistake mi fi nuh gyal
After mi nuh look like gyal
Pants deh a mi waist and mi naw bleach mi face
And mi swear seh mi naw tek juck like gyal

No man cyaa come hail mi bout pizz
Yo mussi man=d to bombo bloodcleet
Naw skin nuh teeth wid mi 3 star ratchet
Suh know wa you a do before yo presence delete

(Verse 1)
Certain mistake me naw meck
All when mi glass dark like jet
Mi eyes light up like cigarette
Mi prefer draw fi one a mi old ex
Big up every gyal a Buff Bay
Mi love si when dem turn back way
Yo know T man stoppable nuh play
Who wi always go the right way

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Nuff bwoy dem a get too bright
The kids brain dem waan exploit
Dem fi walk out in a the red light
Me and no man naw play nuh bull fight
Hey gyal come wine pon the kind
Yo know seh gyal thing a my thing
Kiesha si Joson deh, wine up pon him
Caw some bwoy bout yah a virgin

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

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