Fabolous – Been Around The World Remix (Freestyle) Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Look I talk it cause I live it, stand on my own pivot
I don’t need your credit, and you ain’t got it to give it
All I do is phil up banks, aunt viv it
Drink Belaire Champane and Club Liv it
I come from the era where you really had to live it
Couldn’t say you Bentley, you’re really a Honda civic
Every thing you said painted pictures so vivid
So when I talk clippers, know that i can Doc Riv it swish
Big man, pace your self like Roy Hibbert
You feel froggy than leap, stop all the ribbits
I pop up at your crib and cats looking like xzibit
Box braids and mean mugs, I mean thugs
Type you would merge with on some purge sh**
Put in Work ASAP, on some Ferg s**t
My homies said ni**a’s just tryna wave surf you
Tryna jump aboard the wave you gave birth through”
All these ni**as late and want me to waive curfew
Talking like they shooters when they wouldn’t spray perfume
They know who the hell I be, I’m LIT
I pass one to French like “c’est la vie”
Ju LIE, stay off the LIE
The 2 Chains made a single no L-I-E (Truu)
I mean I don’t care what her man says
He better come Aaron airing like Hernadez
Or you gon hear that Braat like Birdman says
Leave him hanging out his helmet, Richard Sherman Dreads
See, I hit shorty like I need that bouquet
Her man hit me back like you need some WHO cake?
I text him right back like you heard that new Drake?
You know that if you reading this it’s TOO LATE
See you ain’t offending me
It ain’t like you ain’t heard son is fly as Kennedy JFK
Riding in the six, got alot of enemies
Alot of people tryna drain me of the energy
I know how it be, You know me from Brevoort
Used to call me Sport, Now it’s Resorts
Boats and sea ports, Foreign v’s bought
Stamps and p-port, bunch of bi**hes in them Ms. Parker jean shorts
Mami got some head that’ll stop a deport
Throat game have me stuck, call it deep thought
But watch where you kick it
You park in the wrong spot, you know you’ll get a ticket
All of that tough talk, and now the s**t is crickets
Be alot of places where these ni**a’s can’t visit
They think yo mans missing