Masicka – Trouble Lyrics

Gyal mi love you from mi heart and you know it
I got a candle for your birthday blow it

Am gonna f**k you out, tonight
Sleep it in your mouth, tonight
You belong to me, tonight
Be a freak for me

(Verse 1)
Your legs open wide
Push it inside a you
Mi heart start race
A come mi a come, supn magical inside a you
Tell mi a my pu**y
Yo naw geet weh
Mi know you a Delilah too
Nuh matter how much you f**k
Yo pu**y feel suh new

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Rub yo tongue paw mi nipple weh yo start up
Mi nuh bother waan cut. suh mi waan f**k
Watch you play wid yo pu**y
Hood in a yo mouth, shi gimmi a porn star f**k
And when the f**k scene over
You a go leave again
You tell mi yo love mi
But mi know you a go gi weh the pu**y again

(Repeat Chorus 2X)