Lloyd Banks – Criminology (Freestyle)

It’s time for ni**a’s sync, these thugs got the
I’m in the chronic cloud, trading bars with the rap God
Assaulting battery cause your back charged
Reaching till you get ran over by the mac truck
Movie I be goldy, only ni**a in the top five holding two slots, they knew me in the old me
New school is leaving slowly, cosy in your mind petty
Rewind it, cause I been shining like malberry
Ni**a please, my arctic aura make your CD’s freeze, I bought the bottles in your TBT’s
Like a planet came back, they said I couldn’t
Devil wanna trap the hoodling, hundred young blacks a good win
Game time, front row seat, your nose bleeding
You outa line, holding your dome the souls leaving
All the extra flows left home, it’s pro season
A hundred parties standing in line, your hoes freezing wait
Pictures of your bills, still skipping on your bills
Always scaming never tip a hater story for real
Got the plug that leak me everywhere, the cush and bread remedy
Fifteen years countin’ money, cut me bleed Hennessy
Victory go good with me, ya’ll ain’t got no chemistry
You ain’t got no business here, you ain’t never been no where
Demo out the window here, you ni**a’s usually miss
Head crack, four, five trips off the Louis kicks

Yea..Better recognize bt**h
The weighting’s ain’t accurate
They owe me accolades, you got through by accident, b***h ass ni**a’s be passionate
Picture you passing me
I’m out the galaxy, glaciers make your lady gallivant, different salary
Eye of blue clarity
Send a block a towel and all for all the ni**as mad at me, just forward me the casualty
You’re born to be an average seed, I think I’ve been there twice
Shawty keep it real with the realist ni**a in your life
Homie [?] you up, acting stupid knocked you down
Air heads slaying messing alley oop from outa bounds
A monogamy
Then flee the town, build my colony, hoes in the comradery, you down?
Send me to the top again, you use your oxygen for gossiping
Refuse to chat lets take the consequence, suicidal I’m convinced
Gotta remove a lot of compliments
Shout out to blue and I’ve been rocking since