T-Pain – Let Me Through Feat. Lil Wayne Lyrics

(Verse 1 – T-Pain)
Now I’m just sitting here at this red light with my emergency brake on
The wheels spinning, whip looking like it got new skates on
I’m talking 9.8 seconds boy, this ain’t gonna take long
Then I hop out at the finish line like, is this what you waiting on?
I’ll tell you what, homie, you ain’t gotta wait long
All I’m thinking bout this is trophy I’mma take home
Give em something they can hate on
Confetti all over the place, girls popping out that cake holmes
And my skin tone should be the only thing you asking me about race holmes
Yea, I’ma tell you what you not gonna do
Cause if the wing pop out the back of that Ferrari
Then the Bugatti got one too
I’m tryna throw these great balls of fire, I’m talking wu bablabum
Jesus Christ, feel like I got two Bibles out, zoom-zoom
And I’m like

(Chorus – T-Pain)
Hold up, yeah, you gotta let me through
Yea, you gotta let me through
And I stay riding, you gotta let me through
And my ni**a’s sliding, so you gotta let them too
You gotta let me through
You gotta let me through
Cause I stay riding, you gotta let me through
And my ni**a’s sliding, so you gotta let them too

(Verse 2 – Lil Wayne)
I got too much rubber to burn, fire hazard
Lil Tune, the tycoon
Cash Money mascot, it’s hot under this costume
Got pedals I’ve never stepped on
Buttons I’ve never pressed on
Backseats I’ve never effed on
Police, still get the F bomb
I still ride with my ni**a’s, money don’t change a gangster
And when I’m asked to pull a few strings
I pull em until they untangle
Watch me donuts as she throw up like hell yeah
More money, more problems, I’m surprised I still have black hair
I feel like racing racing, who racing?
Don’t give up the location
And if we bet, I win then hit the strip club
And go throw at them pole babies
Riding so fast with the top down
The wind sound like a standing ovation
Tunechi, fast and furious, I like my b***h fast and flirtatious

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – T-Pain)
No I don’t know why y’all ni**a’s think I been slacking
Like I ain’t been on my s**t
Until I pass by in that fast ride and now your bi**h is on my d**k
I’m talking bout, sliding, back and forth up in your tub
I f*** that sh** on that video, now that video is on Pornhub
I say riding through FSU in that fam, fam
I’ve been packing stacks and now we back to back on them can ams
Lam borghini paint
I remain to reign over these lame-ass rap ni**a’s
Matter fact, ni**a’s packed in the back
Of the Lac with a knapsack full of Macs and snacks
For the attack, you ni**a’s ain’t got time to react
Nappy boy in this bi**h bring the calvary back
Teddy Pain motherf**ker, I don’t slack on the track
Red dot to the dome, put a gap in your hat
Chevy leaning like a bi**h, boy you have to relax
Double sided like a battling axe
You getting mad cause your rapping is wack
And all the sh** that you been doing recently
My ni**a’s laughing at that

(Repeat Chorus)