Rapper Plies Body Slammed By Crazed Fan At Concert

Plies concert at at Club Coliseum in Tallahassee in Florida on Friday night turned into a wrestling match with the rapper getting body slammed by a craze fan.

The “Shawty” rapper was in Tallahassee for his “Find You” tour when the incident occurred.

In a video posted on YouTube you can see Plies having an argument with a fan before he called the fan on stage. Big mistake because he ended up getting slammed off the stage by said fan.

At first you can hear Plies asking about a fan that was being thrown out of the venue before requesting that that same fan be brought on stage for a hand shake. He then complained that the fan is standing too close to him for two men and then things went sour really fast.

In the video you can see the fan grabbing Plies around the waist and body slamming him to the ground. Now that got to hurt.

Security quickly rushed to his aid and left his attacker in a bloody pulp.

???? So I came out to see Plies & everybody was having a good time… Then this sh** happened!!!! I'm still shocked!

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According to TMZ, the attacker was eventually thrown out the venue. He then went home and started uploading videos to Instagram explaining what happened.