Beyonce Dedicates New Song “Die With You” To Jay Z [WATCH]

Beyonce has released a new song “Die With You” in honor of her seventh wedding anniversary with husband Jay Z.

The pop megastar dedicated the song to Jay Z on the new music streaming service TIDAL.

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The unofficial music video for the single was also posted on TIDAL and has since been uploaded to YouTube by fans. The video was shot by Jay Z and shows Beyonce playing a piano with her hair braided and wearing a Michael Jackson Thriller T-shirt while singing the notes. At the end of the video the camera man turned the camera on himself and it turned out to be non other than Jay Z himself.

Jay Z and Beyonce teamed up with a bunch of other big name artists including Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Madonna, Kanye West and more to launch TIDAL on Monday. The music streaming service is touted as an industry changer.

Watch Beyonce sings “Die With You” for her husband below.