Justine Skye – Bandit Lyrics

(Verse 1)
You wanna go play right away, well I’m fine with that
We some and drink all day, baby, and I’m faded like
I can’t remember your name, right away, what I’m tryna say
I got that game changed, I got that game changed

(Pre Chorus)
I got that game changed and you want it
You’ve been looking at me strange like if only
Deep into your gaze, brainwashing
Brainwashing, this is your warning

I’m bout to tell ya daddy, daddy, little secret
I’ma keep it, daddy, daddy, can you keep it?
Don’t say nothing that you know you’re gonna regret
Put your hands up in the air it’s a stick up, stick up
I’m a bandit, I’m a bandit
I’m a bandit, I’m a bandit
I’ma throw it, throw it , throw it
Throw it throw it throw it throw it up
You can’t stand it
Yeah, I’m a bandit

(Verse 2)
This world’s going crazy like a maniac
Gold in my champagne, I don’t care, where my gangsters at?
Put em in the air one time
Live your life no matter what they say
I do this everyday
I want the money, f*** the fame

(Repeat Pre Chorus)

(Repeat Chorus)

(Bridge 2x)
Ooh yeah, you’ve been looking for the wrong one baby
Ooh yeah, and I know what to do to make you go crazy

(Repeat Chorus)