Vanessa Bling – Wha Do Dem Lyrics

Dem gyal yah nuh more than me
Tek man 7 days a the week

Dem gyal yah nuh more than mi
Tek man 7 days a the week

Some gyal come a hype mi nuh know wa do dem
In a kimmy slippers weh shi borrowed from when
And a tek the gyal man fi put her in a problem
Dem too dry eye that’s why mi nuh friend dem

Meck mi si you hand from yo hole nuh condemn
Have yo own a things and you nuh barrow from friend
Never shot a man yet a could a wa do dem?
No man naw hype dem, him naw use dem

(Verse 1)
Any man get mi supn yeah him haffi come back
Talk how it clean and it have the comfort
Everyday him haffi live in a mi hole, caw it line wid gold
Suh no gyal cyaa gimmi no chat
No gyal wi pu**y breath cyaa come near mi
Never get a battery yet some gyal life scary
Some gyal done and put down, no man naw run dem down
Mi a live like the virgin Mary

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi nuh watch people
After you nuh episodes
My body neat, look gyal mi nuh carry load
Mi nuh waan no false batty gyal or breast
My lips real gyal it nuh inject
Stop hype bout man gyal weh naw carry you out
Yo naw get nothing weh you bank account
The cash weh mo have mi cyaa even count
A weh do mascut weh a bounce all about

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)