Izze The Producer – Gangland feat. Lil Durk, AD & DC Young Fly Lyrics

(Hook – Lil Durk)
I’m the man, my young ni**as ain’t playing
They shoot him for free, ain’t got to pay em
I’m the man, pull up on me Imma blam
And I say I’m from the land
Gangland, Gangland
Gangland, Gangland
Gangland, Gangland
Gangland, Gangland

(Verse 1 – AD)
Popped a motherf**ker to the brain
Westside 2 C’s, let em bang
Chucking up them fingers, lil ni**a, what you claim?
You a demonstration if you hating when you play
Flag on blue dot, see the bloods in the city say I’m
Cali thugging, we be hanging up the dial
Two shots, bumping 2Pac, give me two knots, and I’m cool now
No lie, it was go time
Little homies run up on you, give you Botox
Leave you with a four five with a nine
Bam, going ham, leave his mama screaming oh my
P**** ni**a you a man for nothing
F*** where you from, you don’t stand for nothing
Super bad when they talking to the cops
Motherf**k the ops on the block, we ain’t playing
Imma slow it down, let me switch the flow
So y’all can understand what I’m spitting
No, f*** that, I buck tracks
Real rap from the land where the pump crack
Right here where? See our spitters so retarded
RIP your favorite artist, leave him dead in the party
Been getting c**ky for a minute
Had to drop the dead weight, kind of stocky for a minute
Put some diamonds in my watch, playing hockey for a minute
Tryna stop me knuckle up, been playing Rocky for a minute, ni**a

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – DC Young Fly)
Aw sh** boy, you don’t want them problems
At your house, woods surrounded by them choppers
I’m by myself, you tried to get me with your partner
Yeen know I had some under the shirt ready to stop ya
This is not Instagram, you will get killed
A couple of goons, a couple of clips
We hitting up everything, bodies gon flip
You ni**a’s be playing, you not with the s**t
Until you be laying and stinking in sh**
You f*** with my ni**a’s, you lay in the dish
We pulling out choppers and slanging that s**t
You barely can breathe, you and sh**
Your body parts everywhere, hanging and s**t
You thought it was game in this bi**h
You found out my ni**a Buck in this bi**h
Y’all ni**a’s be flexing, you lame in this bi**h
We taking y’all hoes so we came in this bi**h
That’s what you get for claiming that bi**h
See you the video, banging this bi**h
You thanking that ni**a, don’t pay me for s**t
Hold up, chill out
My ni**a’s in this bi**h, and they wild
F*** up, get shot
Ha ha, my ni**a’s, man we mob

(Repeat Chorus)