Ludacris – Beast Mode [New Music]

Ludacris is a very consistent rapper dropping hitz after hitz. Now Luda is in his best mode with new track entitled “Best Mode.”

Uh, if rappers want it, they can get it
Flow tighter than four fat bi**hes sitting in a Civic
My flows are unimaginable, Hannibal Lecter sh**
Eatin emcees for breakfast, bi**h
Since I was born to touch the mic
The first time it’s been a problem
Your life was a mistake
Your pops should’ve wore a condom
You ni**a’s think you hard
I think you better come harder
I leave rappers confused like will I Am barber
Ah, f**king with Luda’s not a great look
A verse’ll make your fans unfriend you on Facebook

Ludacris – Beast Mode Lyrics

Listen track below.