T.I. – Project Steps Lyrics

Old habit die hard huh
Disrespect will not be disregarded partna
You cross dat line I’m going off bout mine
Man woman and child, no exception home boy
No disrespect will be tolerated come hell or high water
You understand that? Ya bi**h
Bankroll mafia, hustle gang ova everything ni**a

(Verse 1 – T.I.)
I got fake bi**hes on my timeline
S**ka ni**a’s in my rearview
Wonder why I’m even wasting my time
Even replying to letcha know I don’t feel you
F**k em
Dodging nothing but a Fed case
Betta know it, tired of holding on to dead weight
Going let it go
Ain’t no turning round looking back
I Swear to God I’ma drop a gem like cooking crack
And sell it hard
I’ma, Bankhead ni**a to the heart
Tote tools on the boulevard
Its young ni**a’s in a stolen car
With expensive ambition and exquisite pistols we showing off
Caught that line and we going off
And let his mom give a damn, who you going call?
You violating, we ain’t letting nothing go at all
We demonstrate and leave your brains on the f**king wall
Puss, you disrespectful ni**a, got that
I ain’t neva been shot at, and I ain’t shot back
Bossed up in a cool whip with a hot gat
And still got stacks from back
From what You Know About That

I’m just a project ni**a on the front steps
And getting money is the concept
By any means, and the belt where the gun kept
I let that whole clip ride, till ain’t one left in it
Try me, I’ma handle my business, handle my business
Try me, I’ma handle my business
Try me I’ma handle my business, try me

(Verse 2 – T.I.)
I got fake bi**hes in my timeline
Hating ni**as in my rearview
I got naked bi**hes in the high rise
On the balcony so they could get a clear view
Of the city with my d**k up in it
But in the morning won’t remember which bi**h is it, sh**
Ay I’m too rich for this sh** but I’m too real to be tried ni**a
Going against me just like going against God
And I ain’t gotta make excuses
I don’t f**k whoever, whatchu wanna do about it
Thought not, f**k around get crossed out
You caught slipping roll down on your ass, 45 start spitting
Going be a long day ni**a I start tripping
Don’t be sticking to the script, drive-by audition, wassup
Whatchu do for dough, guess you do it too slow
And by the looks of your stuff, you ain’t doing enough
I’m popping witnesses in the front, leave you in the dust
Kick in your door masked up like, who in the f**k?
Boy you a ho ho, not just a little piece of pu**y
Betta watch your ass talking, you don’t me ni**a holdup

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – T.I.)
All I wanna do is go and chill
Take my mind off the ones I wanna go and kill
Yea, I’m a daddy, love my little girls
But I’ll still check a bi**h like Pac did Lauryn Hill
Hey I ain’t grow into it, I was born with it
Used to sell crack to the children of the corn
I’m the reason why your mama warned you
Pray you don’t die before you make it to the street corner

(Repeat Chorus)