Ludacris – Charge It To The Rap Game Lyrics

Everybody wants the fortune and fame
The more things change, the more they stay the same
This industry is like a crack game
Sometimes you gotta charge it to the rap game
Sometimes you gotta charge it to the rap game
Sometimes you gotta charge it to the rap game
This industry is like a crack game
Sometimes you gotta charge it to the rap game

(Verse 1)
Where do i begin
Well, the industry shady not everybody is your friend
I had to learn that s**t the hard way
In and out bogus contracts since before i was rapping in the hallway
Everyone out for money, executives out for blood
If you don’t keep the music current then labels’ll pull the plug…Get it
Hard to admit when s**t don’t go the way you plan
While everybody’s on Instagram just fronting like life is brand
Take it back to one of my first tours
F**king everything moving thinking groupies will never do nothing back to us
Kick em out the hotel swearing i hit my finer things
Lost a bunch of jewelry from a Rolex to a diamond chain…Bi**h
How in the hell did i get caught slipping
Meanwhile on all my records, ni**a talking bout he pimping
Maybe i exaggerated a lil bit
You know fake it till you make it every one of us rappers gotta talk a little s**t
Yeah i done smashed some video vixens and some actresses
But brand name p**** don’t feel no different on my matresses
Insecure hoes with brest jobs and butt shots
Blaming on us rich ni**a’s sponsoring s**t and what not
Now guys are just as big as groupies as these women is
Till you break up and a bi**h wonder where her percentage is
While these regular hoes are trying to play the trap game
And now is the time i blame it on the rap game

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Listen, this ain’t scripted this reality
It take some drugs for us to conquer this is sanity
Thieves using our name promoting these fake appearances
Publicists overcharging taking years for these clearances
I got some rappers said i stole their joint ni**a
Spend half a million just to prove a f**king point ni**a
We got the fans thinking rappers never lose
Gave a producer a hundred grand for a beat i never use…Damn
The false stories and being misquoted in magazines
Got a ni**a wanting to go and load a couple magazines
Head to your office and shoot up the whole f**king staff
Post that on your website and burn while i f**king laugh
You protesters at my concerts y’all make me sick
I thought i told y’all I would never disrespect a bi**h
It’s clear to see that Hip Hop’s under attack man
Or is it cause that no one wants to see a rich black man
Really they want us with no money
Hungover and missing flights and cutting our show money
Hip Hop cops still looking and trying to catch us slipping
And put us in a position to make some real life decisions..hmmm
Or do we just be doing dumb s**t
Emptying out these gun clips and always on the run sh**
Lifestyles of us entertaining hood ni**a’s
If it’s bad to be a rapper what’s good ni**a

(Repeat Chorus)