T Pain – Wait A Minute ft OG Maco Lyrics

(Chorus – T Pain 2X)
Wait a minute
S**t might take a minute
All my ni**a’s go work, let it cook let it bake a minute
Swimming in the money, my crib got a lake up in it
Indoor pool, outdoor pool, all my b***hes getting naked in it

(Verse 1 – T Pain)
I’m rich b***h, spend a milli make a milli
I need it all to come back I know I can’t take it with me
But I don’t give a f*** about that, if anybody trying to make it with me
Meet me in the mahf**king bus out back I got hoes and they shaking in it
Chopping on em put it in the bag first then make money
Chevrolet squatting on them put that b***h in reverse clean that
Who that call the coppers on me I’m the boss I ain’t done s**t and my hands clean
The chopper get whopping on them, sh**’ll wake the neighborhood up like caffeine

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – OG Maco)
Wait a minute, let a younging get
Still with my ni**a’s and we flexing
Snakes on my shoes like
Shush, shush
Its like with my every step
Payback but he never left
You could use my help
We still autotune it
Its the resurrection if it wasn’t there
Dead presidents poking out the denim
They pissed me off now
I’m s**tting on them like they were toilets we’ve been working

(Repeat Chorus 4X)