Busy Signal – Winner Lyrics

Hustling hard everyday wi a winner
Ooh, wi a winner

Wi nuh take no holiday wi a winner
Ohh, wi a winner

No time fi losses, limit is the sky
That’s why it haffi first class whenever wi fly
Eyes pon the prize cause mi si the big picture
Ooh wi a winner, wi a winner

(Verse 1)
Money in a pocket wi lock the table
Winner, hot gyal haffi in a mi stable
Man a step it up wi willing and wi able
Connect yo link like a cable
Right now the shun shine for me
The moon shine for me
The stars are out tonight
Man a chill a hold a steady meddy
Mi friends after milly
And mi girl deh by mi side
Hey mi nuh worry bout badmind
All hater mi tell you seh mi burn dem long time
Some people unkind
But nuh matter wa mi haffi get mine

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Real hustlers meck mi si the hands up
Haffi meck it, it nuh matter weh wi stand up
Deh pon the grind because wi haffi build the stocks up
Wi do the road fi survive that’s what’s up
Suh mi seh east, west, north or south
Fi get the paper wi going all out
All out, because wi cyaa survive hand to mouth

(Repeat Chorus 2X)