Migos – Brokanese Lyrics

Brokanese, brokanese
Talking brokanese
I’ll take your b**ch a brokanese
Your b***h brokanese
Understand brokanese, you’re speaking like have a dollar please

I don’t know your language every time you see us
We get larger
I don’t understand the lingo

Everytime you see us we get richer and richer
Everytime we see you, you get broker and broker
Everytime you see us we get richer and richer
Everytime we see you, you get broker and broker
Brokanese down is this brokanese, brokanese, brokanese
We speak brokanese we stay brokanese
Understand, brokanese, f**k, is this brokanese, brokanese
I know your knees is this brokanese, now understand

(Verse 1)
Brokanese, (broke), brokanese
Talking brokanese, I’ll take your b**ch and brokanese
Your b***h brokanese, understand brokanese
You’re speaking brokanese like Can I have a dollar please?
Damn I heard the .. you brokanese
Freshing you wanted so bring that money beg the knees
You brought your bonnies,
I call with the chopper feeling like ni**as is coming
Then you look at us, like he ain’t near that
You.. you’re trying get us so
that’s.. will broke like that
If you wanna make millions and don’t you see independent

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Bon appetite, bon appetite
It’s time to eat, eat the pot like a ni**a boss
And bobbing weave, I wanna kief ripping the
A whole thing, whole thing
I don’t talk two language cause you talking brokanese
You wrote down to your knees, go down
Hold up freeze, hold up you a thing,
I owe no money in your pocket no told them
I’m popping G, wipping that ..and they calling
no often pay they every day, pay day
My diamonds looking like KK
Why you broke and asking for favors
Your ni**a I got 40A, I’m that .. hustle down big
I’m calling nobody, I ain’t got no neighbors
My ni**a’s call us a glacier, call
I thought that you should have save us
We balling you not a player
Switch us from outside of the

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Now understand, we speak brokanese
Never play piano but I work with lots of keys
Keeping the ni**a up in the fish and
Ain’t no smell like captain
Welcome to my blood, Jackie Jennet Japanese
Profit believe, oh smoking Og .. trees,
You ni**a’s is speaking my language
I got a dollar you’re so brokanese
So why you ni**a’s pock a butcher
Why? You need stacking a pocket ..
I am no f**king .. and you’re on my side
I’m .. for me, I get you that’s why you’re coping
You ni**a so broka and killer, I was embarrassing
Really ridiculous and  my ni**a’s we dealing it
I travel overseas, I water wipping up a
And I’ll stay up on the clocker
In Africa in the jungle

(Repeat Chorus)