Spice Debut New Single OnStage, Talks New Love Song

Spice was one of the hottest female artists in dancehall last year and this year she is even turning things up a couple notches.

The “Conjugal Visit” deejay debut her new song “Back Bend.” Spice performed the new track live plus opened up about her hot new lovers rock single “I Love You.”

“I have a song out and it’s called ‘I Love You’ and if I am going to do a nice reggae song I feel like it’s only right that I should tone down with the song,” Spice told Winford Williams.

Spice says the song is not just about her life but more like a single that her female fans can relate to.

“The song is not necessarily about me alone being in love but it’s also for other people… it’s a song that you can relate to like a relationship song and your singing about your man,” Spice added.

“I think every line that a woman would want to hear is on that song, whether your searching the phone, whether your going to your bed and dream say the man have a woman, something about it a woman can relate to,” Spice said.

Spice also cleared up rumors that she and her boyfriend have split. She said they have been back together for several months now.