Assassin – More Gal Lyrics

Well man a tell yo bout more gyal
And a no 3, and a no 4 gyal
More gyal, nuff gyal and still waan more gyal
Have nuff Kingston and nuff Portmore gyal
Trailer load a gyal wi still a import more gyal

More gyal a no local when wi join show gyal
When wi seh more gyal wi a talk bout global
Wi have nuff gyal and still bwal fi more gyal
Nuff BC and Baltimore gyal

(Verse 1)
Yow when it come to woman wi vocal
Naw move shy ad move antisocial
Some bwoy cyaa get no gyal if dem no
Oh no, but a no mi name Oral
Naw follow some bwoy and a ignore gyal
After mi no live in a sea weed and coral
No discriminate a could a rich or poor gyal
Some bwoy need a O fi get a gyal tot-oral

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Any man no like da song yah must a no have gyal
Real gyallis haffi multiply and a add gyal
Anytime yo hear wi subtract is a mad gyal
Big up every good girl and every bad gyal
Real, real, gyallis no sit down and chat gyal
Cyaa seh yuh a gyallis and frighten fi have gyal
Cyaa watch di thing, and a trail, and a track gyal
No fi get di gyal dem it natural

(Repeat Chorus)