Mavado – Bad Anytime Lyrics

Bad anytime wi nuh ask
F**k anytime wi nuh ask
Buss mi gun anytime mi nuh ask
You si the diamond chain you fi know a the boss

(Verse 1)
Real killer know weh fi find you
Yo could a deavor disappear like Tyno
Yo go up underneath a mumma frock
Well the scope a the rifle a find you
If you ever meck mi meck a power chat
Pu**y dead one hour flat
Shot a fire five hour flat
Pu**y si a casket and haffi dive in a that
A funeral and mi arrive in a black
The skeleton a turn you in a duppy bat
Mi fire one in a yo face supn hot
Tell yo gyal set a bucket when yo brain cell a drop

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

(Verse 2)
Rifle gone wid yo body parts
Kill you bare face never in a mask
Shouldn’t start war and a seh yo salt
If mi meck a pass through a in a hole dem a lost
Dem nuh bad when mi check it out
Dem start war and nuh meck it out
Nuff a dem couldn’t talk when mi stepping out
Bwoy body pon the slay well stretching out
Black rain from the four five wet a bwoy
Check yo minute anytime bet yo si the hearse
Give dem one drive by get the supn worst
Shot still in a the body stink in a hearse

(Repeat Chorus 2X)