Popcaan – Slap One Lyrics

Burn dem skin like Island Grill
If dem dis wi dem haffi hide untill me pass
Wi nuh deal wid no hide and kill
A brawling yo damn blood spill

Badman slap one in a yo eye ball
Long time mi tell you somebody go bwal
Cyaa dis no man from round a White Hall
Rambo Canambo yeah the clip tall

From people fi dead mi deal wid it brawl
All a mi f**king rifle dem tall
Skin know seh mi evil frommi did small
Bwoy dead like a phone from overseas call

(Verse 1)
Portmore wi nuh soft like cotton win nuh sponge
Cho, don’t meck mi rise every guns
Informer a straight gunshot in a yo lungs
Caw you gi too much f**King
Inf**kery yo tongues
Cho, mi a the only fry eye weh nuh bwoy cyaa fry
Wa do some baby, some syfy guy
Mi a the juda the ruler weh born July
Dis Mobay yo bloodclaat die

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi waan know
When since dem get suh bad
When since dme get suh bad
Me waan know, when since dem get suh bad
The world done know dem coward
Junkey the pumpy wi turn you in a ghost
People a run when dem si how you roast
Mi nuh Jade up a Zip nor tv host
Bwoy, me love killing the most
Mi grandmother tell mi seh sin is a report
Suh mi kill him in the name of the holy ghost
Mi endz dem lock off like security post
Tell dem try run in like the police force

(Repeat Chorus)