T’Nez – In My Arms Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Though you trying to disguising
I still see it in your eyes yea
Girl your weariness is taken
I told on you baby
Don’t you realizing

You don’t smile the way you use to
You don’t laugh the way you should
Woman I’ll be here for you
So if your weary girl you could
Let your resting place be

In my arms baby, baby
I will let you break free
In my arms baby. baby

And I swear that I will give all the love you need
Satisfaction guarantied
Let your resting place be in my arms
In my arms

(verse 2)
I where you are is too cold girl
And you need someone to hold
Baby I got love to show
Loving all for two souls
So when you ready I’ll be waiting for you
And I know your ready cause I see right through you girl
You don’t afto waist you’re time girl
If you really wanna leave
You can be the queen in my world
And in yours I’ll be your king
Just let your resting place be

(Repeat Chorus)