Ryme Minista – Fall In Love Lyrics

A nuh nothing if you run some a the pu**y paw mi
Gyal a bet you seh you a go like it
Mi wi meck yo wet up like a tsunami
Girl a bet you seh you a go like it

A bet mi meck yo fall inlove wid da buddy yah
Fall inlove wid da buddy yah
Bet mi meck yo fall inlove wid da buddy yah
And her mother seh her daughter under obeah

(Verse 1)
Bomboclaat, come sit down pon the buddy
Wine and tan tuddy caw mi know you a go love hi
Although the ride ruggy
Shi tell mi seh, mi c**key sweet like melody
Baby mi have a f**king john fi yo study
Meck yo knee touch yo shoulder
Bend over and hold it
Baby, pu**y tight and fluffy
Seh yo keep mi groovy like bunny

(Repeat CHorus)

(Verse 2)
Bomboclaat, cause wi start go hard
Every weekend shi a come a my yard
Yesterday you bring two a yo friend dem fi the killaz
Ginger, Ninies, dem a my dawg
Meck mi height you like a kite caw mi have the right card
How yo pum, pum, tight suh? Oh my God
Never hesitate mi love come in a yo belly
Dash weh the boots mi nuh waan no life guard

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Seven days a the bomboclaat week
Go hard and done tougher than concrete
Suh meck wi f**k in a the street
Meck the blind man see it
And the dumb man speak
Bring the pu**y come nuh meck mi ask fi it
Mi stamp it three time and cash it like receipt
Every night shi si mi in her vision
A nuh nothing if wi f**K in a yo sleep

(Repeat Chorus)