Charly Black – Make Some Money Lyrics

Am working, am working, much harder than before
Mi naw rob, mi naw kill nobody fi dem things
A just my own mi a secure

Am striving, am striving, am tired of being poor
Mi waan stop pay rent an start pay mortgage
This year mi know mi sure

(Verse 1)
Not nice mi waan Bimma fi drive
Ghetto youth waan buss an live happy life
Nothing no gwaan last year but wi still survive
Taz seh him want a X7 or X5
Wait a no anywhere the money deh wi a go
Weh some bwoy a do fi money wi naw do
Real Jamaicans wi no beg pardon
Hustle more an less argue

(Repeat Chorus)

(verse 2)
Nuff people seh dem naw work a week time fi no four grand
Soon yo si mi shine don’t stretch out yo hand
Old to fenge yo no have no ambition
Mi prefer gwaan hustle small than do wrong
If yo tell yo self seh nothing naw gwaan
Den literally nothing naw go gwaan
Yuh better get up an go try meck supn gwaan
Jah call up on mi because mi strong

(Repeat Chorus 3X)