Wiz Khalifa Exposed Amber Rose After She Denied Son Birthday Party

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose are two bitter ex husband and wife right now and their son Sebastian Thomaz is caught up in their feud.

Yesterday with Sebastian’s second birthday and Wiz Khalifa throw his son a massive birthday bash at his home.

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According to the West Coast rapper, Amber Rose was suppose to bring his son to the party and they would all celebrate his birthday as a family. But that didn’t happen as Amber was a no show and so was his son.

“Only thing missing was bash,” Wiz tweeted along with a photo.

Like any father that tore up Wiz and he immediately aired out his grouses on Twitter.

“I always kept my views on family and stability clear and stood by them just as I do anything else I feel strongly about,” Wiz Khalifa wrote on Twitter.

“I’ve never voiced my true unhappiness out of fear of the person I was with and what she would do to make me more unhappy of anyone knew,” he added.

“It’s sad because there are real people who go through real things and could use social media as a tool to help shed some light,” Wiz said in another tweet.