Laden – Need It All Lyrics

I need it all, need it all
The fancy clothe, the speedy car
Vally style mi leave the mall

I need it all, I need it all
Suh hear mi out nuh man cash

(Verse 1)
Wi need all the money
Money, money
Waan money nuff
Excess amount, waan gi mummy nuff
Meck it stress around like cricket mi tugs
Mi ever, ever out and look the food
Fi mi sister and bother mouth
Mi need all a weh mi need
And yo si fi go hard a weh mi need
Mi si couple audi weh mi need
Suh mi need fi go visit ATL
And order weh mi need
Need all the money, money, money
Need all the money

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
A nuh only blings
Wi need a couple things
Muslim link someone weh know bout the bims
Money fi a flow, hennessy a pore
Fly go Singapore
Nuh sure, mi not even a tour
And taking care of money
Mi naw left the calum
Jah, Jah, blessing follow wi

(Repeat Chorus)